Rules Education

Level 1 (Introductory)
Level 1 is an easy and interesting way to learn the basics of golf.  This level focuses on the game’s etiquette, key definitions, and the most common situations in the field.  As part of the Level 1 program, students can put their knowledge to the test by answering summary questions at the end of each section, before tackling the Level 1 online certification exam.  Level 1 is available at the Golf Canada website, and is open to all.
Level 2 (Provincial Certification) 
If you are interested in becoming a Rules Referee, the next step is to become certified at the provincial level through seminars offered by Golf Ontario or Golf Quebec.
These seminars are held weekly via Zoom, from January through March, with the last session being an examination. OVGA members can take either the Ontario or Quebec seminars, and can write the exam in either English or French. 
Once you have achieved a minimum of 80% on the provincial level exam, contact so that we can help you gain the 50 hours of on-course experience, and the additional 10 hours accompanying a nationally-certified referee that are required for full provincial level certification.
Level 3 (National Certification)
National level seminars consist of a three-day seminar run by Golf Canada.  It serves to give guidance and advice on refereeing at the highest level.  This program is intended for experienced Referees who wish to improve both their technical and practical knowledge as a referee.
Certified referees must pass either the provincial or national level exam at least once every four years to maintain their certification.  During the winter months, the OVGA holds bi-weekly Zoom sessions for certified referees to refresh their knowledge of the Rules of Golf.